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It's now almost impossible to not pay for parking!

There is a new app being added to traffic wardens smartphones to make it easier for them to process parking permits in Dubai... But this also means it will be easier for them to fine traffic violators! 

Speaking to Emirates 24/7, the CEO of RTA's Traffic & Roads Agency said: "Following the introduction of the smart parking app, which guides inspectors to vehicles in breach of the rule governing public parking in Dubai, a new feature had been added to the app. This feature is to enable the speedy processing of applications for issuing/renewing permits related to booking parking slots, occupying pavements, investing private land plots as parking areas as well as private parking permits for citizens."

The new app uses GPS technology to pinpoint the traffic warden to cars that have not paid. So, if you think you might be getting away of parking for 10 minutes without paying, you're out of luck! It will be more worthwhile going up to the traffic warden and getting a permit processed by them!