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It's going to 'feel' like 53°C this weekend!

Temperatures are expected to reach highs of 45°C this weekend, but it's the humidity that's got us all freaking out. The level of humidity is going to make temperatures "feel" like 53°C! 

Right now in our Ajman offices, temperatures are at 37°C, with it "feeling like" 49°C, because the humidity is at 56%! Our only advice to you is to stay inside!

The evenings will be cooler, with temperatures reaching highs of 28, but that's when the humidity can get up to 70 to 80%, making you feel sticky and wet... Ew. 

Wind and seas are expected to be normal, but the beach isn't going to cool you down right now. The seas will be as warm as a bath, we recommend, cold showers, lots of water and all of the AC!