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It's going to cost you Dh25,000 A DAY to live here

So, the floating seahorses are sat in the ocean in The Heart of Europe, with half of the owners using the houses for their personal use, the other half will be putting them up for rent.

But don't get your hopes up on being able to afford to live in one of these pads any time soon, the villas are expected to lease for Dh10,000 a day... that is 10,000 Dirhams down the drain every single day.

And that's only for the soft launch in October 2016, once that's over they could be rising to Dh25,000 a day... We repeat, that is the cost of half a Toyota Yaris.

But you get what you pay for, each floating seahorse comes with it's very own butler! If you haven't already had a look around these crazy houses, take a look below.