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I tried to buy the Kylie Lip Kit, and it was a waste of time!

Hi, I'm Bella. I write for Channel 4, and on June 10th I found out that the Kylie Lip Kits were back on sale on Kylie Jenner's website. I headed over to buy and it was all already sold out. 

So now I'm wondering how long it takes to buy a Kylie Jenner lip kit, and how much is it going to cost to get it over to Dubai. 

So far, there has been no re-stock on the Kylie Cosmetics website, so I decided to take matters into my own hands... Online re-sellers! 

First I just Googled it, "Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Dubai" Standard google for most Dubai based Kylie fans, I'm sure. My search took me to a website called Desert Cart, who were selling Candy K, and other colours for over Dh300. 

I was relieved that they were giving me a great deal by saving me "8%"! But I'm not stupid, I wasn't going to pay almost $100 for a lip kit that is sold at $29 (Dh106) on her website. 

Sellers on Dubizzle have knock-offs or second hand kits.. Which means people have used them (ew) and are still trying to sell them for profit! didn't have anything... 

So as of June 13th.. No Lip Kit. I have decided to pay the Dh10 a month for her app, so I'm able to get updates on when the kits are re-stocked. 

(I don't know who Kylie's money people are, but they are very clever!) 

So it's the 15th June and paying AED10.99 for the Kylie app does have it advantages, the next Kylie Lip Kit is set to drop at 10:00pm in the UAE on the 16th... So now all we do is wait. 

June 17th: I'VE BOUGHT A LIP KIT! It was a tense couple of minutes, and finally after getting through to the webiste, I quickly chose a lip kit and rushed to the check out (it was like supermarket sweep!), I have a tracking order! MY LIP KIT IS ON THE WAY!


Hi, me again, it's been a while since I came on to this page and wrote something about my Kylie Lip Kit! Let's start from the beginning shall we. 

I ordered my Lip Kit and was super excited, they said it would arrive in 15 to 20 days, I was fine with that, 3 weeks would pass by, and it would be like Christmas day when I unexpectedly receive a lip gloss I paid too much for! 

I was right, 3 weeks passed by super quick, but there was no sign of my lip kit, I just assumed, good old UAE postal service, slow as usual I'll give it another couple of days. 

July 11th: At this point I'm getting kinda concerned, almost a month and no lip kit in sight! And I've spend a fair bit of money on this, I really want this make up, or my money back so I emailed Kylie HQ to see if they knew where it was! 

The following day, the lovely people at Kylie Cosmetics replied  saying I'll have to check at my local post office. Because this is "field research" I went during my work day to the post office, no lip kit, but there were some very confused postmen looking at me gesturing to my lips and saying Kylie Jenner over, and over again.

It's now the 23rd August and yesterday I got a lovely email saying: "Kylie Cosmetics | By Kylie Jenner: You have received a refund" Oh.... okay! Turns out my order made it out of the Los Angeles, all the way to the UAE, sat there for a little while and made it's wonderful way back to the U-S-of-A. Joy! 

Now, I'm not blaming Kylie Cosmetics for this, they were great throughout this entire process, AND I'm getting my money back, so it's not some money making scam that the Kardashian-Jenners have mixed up to get an easy buck added to the millions and millions!

I'm kinda also not blaming the post office either, there's one of two in the UAE, and I'm naming neither of them, naming and shaming is not the objective here.

I wasn't given a notification from the post office regarding the delivery of my lip kit, which meant it sat there for a while, then the lovely lot at the post office went "Well, no one's picking this up are they!" and sent it back! 

Overall my experience was a bit of a nightmare, and I don't recommend it to anyone, unless you have a personal PO Box you know your lip kit will be dropped into and left in for you to collect.