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How to get rid of suggested ads on Facebook!

Imagine this, you're on your phone scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed when you scroll past a really random ad that says "Suggested" at the top of it, and you think to yourself "I don't want to see this!"

Well here's how to get rid of the random ones! 

It's no secret that Facebook tracks your online activity, to try and get to know you better, so the ads seem more relevant to you. 

So if you have been googling winter clothes, it's more likely you'll start seeing clothing ads pop up. 

But if Facebook are getting it completely wrong, you can actually alter the ads you want to see, here's how! 

1: Go to setting on Facebook and scroll down until you find the "Ads" tab

2: Click "EDIT" next to "Ads based on my preferences" 

3: Then select "Visit Ad Preferences" 

4: Some will make total sense and some will be totally random! 

5: If you're not keen on some just delete them from your preferences. 

Suggested ads wont disappear completely, but there will be more stuff you like!