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How are they gonna put the wheel on to Ain Dubai?!

We all know that the spindle has been added to the huge structure formally known as the Dubai-I, now named Ain Dubai we're beginning to wonder how the gigantic wheel will be put into position! 

Unlike the famous London Eye, the Ain Dubai structure will have two sets of legs on either side of the wheel, and with the spindle already positioned, the wheel will not be lifted into place like it was with the London Eye. 

The spindle that was put into place this week, was created in the UAE, and weighed a massive 1,805 tonnes - making it the equivalent of 4 A380 aircrafts. That is HUGE! It will take 4 weeks to get the spindle welded together, then we'll be expected the wheel to begin appearing! 

Because the spindle and legs are already in place, the wheel could be constructed piece by piece, and because it will be the world's largest wheel, we think it would be nearly impossible trying to lift it into place.

In a statement Meeras announced that the construction of wheel will begin with the installation of the hub that "will later be connected to the rim via 192 spoke cables, with the structure then resembling a gigantic bicycle wheel."

We're expecting Ain Dubai to be finished by the first quarter of 2018!