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Here's what is on our Christmas wishlist!

There are so many cool gadgets and gift ideas around this year.

We asked the Channel 4 team what they'd love for Christmas!

Jay Skye

Jay would like this Instagram Socialmatic camera by Polaroid.

You can take pictures, edit it, pick a filter, and then print it like you would with an old school Polaroid camera!

Price: 1,080AED


Helen would like her braces off for Christmas.

A present only a dentist could make true, unless Santa has a dentistry degree!

Price: Priceless.


Kolter wants a Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition.

Bringing back the old school and reasonably priced, there's no reason why this shouldn't be waiting under Kolter's tree!

Price: 300AED


Ben wants GoPro accessories!

Being obsessed with his little camera since getting it for his birthday, anything which fits on to the GoPro is good enough for Ben!

Price: The most expensive, the better