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Here are what cause the most accidents in Dubai!

And yes, tailgating is one of the biggest causes...

A study in to the causes of accidents on the roads in Dubai has been released.

It was conducted by and Qatar Insurance Company and the results are not surprising.

It has been revealed that 90% of accidents reported in Dubai are caused my male drivers.

However the report claims that this number isn't shocking as 70% of UAE residents are male.

The highest cause of accidents are drivers changing lanes, drink-driving and tailgating.

Here are the full results:

1 - Suddenly changing lanes & drink-driving

2 - Tailgating

3 - Lack of judgement

4 - Not keeping in your lane & entering a lane without checking it's clear

5 - Jumping a red light

6 - Carelessness

7 - Reversing without paying attention

8 - Speeding