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Have a spare Dh3.5 million? Why not buy a Batmobile!

Classifieds site Dubizzle has an ad up at the moment giving the opportunity for every little boys (or girls) dreams to come true! The Batmobile is up for sale on their site, and it could be yours… If you have a spare Dh3.5 million…

The replica was put up on Sunday, and is listed as a 2012 model and has only racked up 250km (We wonder why…)

The car can shoot flames from the rear “jet engine” by just flicking a switch! So if you’re behind the car in the fast lane, you might want to keep your distance!

The car is powered by the engine of a corvette and goes up to speeds of 250kph (Not that you’d be doing speeds like that on the roads!) The car has air conditions, leather seats and a rear camera to help you park the monster!

The car that is described as a cross between a Lamborghini and a tank, has been on sale for 5 months with no people interested in purchasing… Maybe one day we’ll see Batman driving around the roads of Dubai… But for now it’s sits in a showroom.