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Flying could soon be a possibility!

When you're stuck in traffic, do you ever wonder how easy it would be to just fly home, instead of sitting in gridlock? Well soon, this could actually become a reality! 

The worlds first flying bicycle has been unveiled in Dubai, called the Flike.. Yes, really! It was launched at the Middle East Extreme Sports Expo, which is taking place at the Dubai International Marine Club. 

The Flike is the first self-piloted drone in the world created by a Hungarian company called Bye Gravity. So far the Flike is just a prototype but they are expected to be ready to ride and for sale in early 2016.... They're going to burn a massive hole in your pocket though, the Flike or 'tricoper' will set you back Dh735,000. So if have unlimited funds, we'll be watching you fly past us while we're stuck in traffic very soon!