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6 things that made doing your exams in the UAE the best!

If you went to school in the UAE, chances are you ended up doing an exam here too. Here are 10 reasons doing your exams in the UAE was the best! 

1: You never had to get up early

If you were on British Curriculum, your exams would be at exactly the same time as England, which meant if their first exam was at 9am, you didn't have to rock up until midday! 

2: It was too hot to be outside anyway

We didn't really mind being stuck inside, because that's were the AC was. It's too humid and hot to be outside. 

3: You did have to go in on a Friday though

It wasn't ideal, that was our weekend!

4: But you did get Sunday off

But Sundays were for revising!

5: Study leave was glorious

"Mum, I'm just going to JBR... to revise... On the beach... With my friends..."

6: Technically it would be the longest summer ever

You would be on "Study leave" until the end of your exam, so you ended up having almost 4 months off school

Anymore reasons why doing your exams in the UAE was better? Add them in the comments below!