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Eve's off on her holidays - but what is she getting up to?

Eve's off for two weeks, but don't worry, she's coming back! We stole her away for 2 minutes to find out what she'll be getting up to with her time off! 

We asked eve to give us her top 5 things to do in the UAE, and this is what she's got planned!

1: Eating! 

Eve plans to eat lots of food while she's away, and the place you'll likely see her most often is Al Mallah, this Arabic restaurant in on 2nd December Street in the heart of Satwa! 

Eve's favourite things: 

- The Shawarma's are 7 Dirhams, can you get any better than that?!

- I take all my friends and family here when they're visiting, to get a little culture! 

- The best bit, if you're in a rush - pull up, beep your horn, order, drive around the block and your food is ready! Amazing!

2: Tanning! 

If you follow Eve on any of her social media, you'll know about her secret beach, it's always empty, and it's the perfect place for her to top up her tan! If you ask Eve what she's up to over the weekend, she'll always answer with tanning! 

Eve's favourite things:

It's in Juemirah

- It's a secret.... I'm not telling you! 

- But if you do find it, it's got amazing views of the Burj Khalifa, The Heart of Europe (Where the floating seahorses are), and there are lots and lots of pretty boats!

3: Getting her hair done! 

Eve is all about organic, she gets her car washed at an organic car washing place, and only gets her hair done at an organic salon! She recommends Revival beauty salon in Karama! 

Eve's favourite things: 

- These guys only use organic products in my hair! Making it all super natural

- They use essential organic oils when I get my facials which wake me up, which is perfect for the early mornings! 

- THEY HAVE AMAZING FEMALE BANTER! Love a good laugh with my ladies! 

4: Getting fit! 

Eve's always off to the gym after work, and she's usually late for her PT session, but now she's on holiday she's got time to get to the gym and work out in her own time, she goes to Train SF, in Al Quoz.

Eve's favourite things: 

- I'm able to stay fit all week in this awesome warehouse style gym, it makes me feel super hardcore! 

- All the PT's there are freelance, so you don't have to sign up to a membership, so it's easy on your pocket

- It gives me an amazing boost, and wakes me up throughout the day!

5: Chilling out! 

Most importantly, Eve is on holiday. So what she needs to do is just relax, and there's no better place to do that for her, than at The Palace Downtown Dubai. If you know Eve you know she'll try and schedule any meeting, catch up, or even date at The Palace! 

Eve's favourite things: 

- I love chilling in Downtown Dubai, the lights are beautiful, and it makes me feel proud of my home! 

- The Instagram snaps are amazing! You're right opposite the Burj Khalifa, you can't help but take a few!

- They have my favourite drinks, and they make the perfectly - Turkish Coffee and Lemon and Mint juice!