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Everything you need to know this National Day

This 44th UAE National Day has already been full of awesome offers thanks to Etisalat. But what else is going on? We've got everything you need to know here! 


Parking on National Day in public parking zones, except from the Fish Market will be completely free! Which is going to be awesome if you're off to a public area to go see the fireworks, it's not going to cost you anything until the 5th December - so why not leave your car there all weekend! 


Etisalat have more surprises up their sleeves offering e-Life customers 44 movies completely free! (we saw what you did there, and we like it!) But you better have the popcorn ready, because it's only going to be on until the 5th December! Etisalat said the offer will "allow users to celebrate the National Day with their families and friends through sharing greetings and photos via social networking websites, and surfing the internet for free,” 


there will be different timings for the Dubai Metro during National Day and until the 6th December. The Green Line stations will be open from 5:50am to 12am for today and tomorrow and on the 3rd December the Green Line will be open until 1am! For both the Green and Red Line stations will remain open from 10am to 1am on the 5th and from 5:50am to 12:00 on the 6th December.