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Even more sharks in the UAE!

Another shark was spotted in the UAEs waters yesterday! Surprisingly though, residents who were swimming at Al Raha beach were not fazed by the baby whale shark, as they pose no threat to humans.  

Sharks have been spotted in the UAEs waters numerous times, so we’re looking back at all the shark encounters the UAE has experienced! 

The Whale Shark in Dubai Marina

This was the UAE's first encounter with a Whale Shark, people were terrifyed at first, having no clue what it was, but just seeing the size of it.. Because it was huge! 

Everyone quickly learned that Whale Sharks are harmless to humans as they mainly feed on just plankton.. Awww! The shark quickly found his way out of Marina and everyone got on with their days. 

The Shark spotted in Ajman 

Is this a shark spotted on Ajman Corniche?! Believe it or not?!

Posted by 104.8 Channel 4 on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Now, let's just take a minute to appreciate this guys incredible zoom on his camera! This video emerged earlier this year, and it caused a little bit of havoc across the emirates. Many people questioning if it was actually Ajman, the tourist who filmed it posted it up on Facebook and it went nuts!

In the end, the shark swam away and everyone carried on their day to day business. 

The Shark spotted on "Palm Jumeirah"

Shark at the Palm Jumeirah

Another shark spotted in Dubai?!

Posted by 104.8 Channel 4 on Sunday, August 2, 2015

This one never really fooled anyone, there wasn't much light, no confirmation that they were on the palm... And the video was far too short to confirm anything. A lot of people started joking about this one and the hype didn't last long.. Poor shark.