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Emirates have banned Hoverboards on their planes!

If you're travelling anywhere for the holidays, make sure you're not taking your Hoverboard with you, because you'll have to leave it behind! Emirates have stated that the balance boards are not allowed on any of their air crafts! 

It's a heartbreaking day for hoverboard owners, because Emirates have also stated that you are not allowed to check in the board either!

The reason for the banning? Hoverboards have large lithium batteries inside of them, which can be very dangerous if anything was to go wrong on the plane. It's not just Emirates that have banned the hoverboards, other airlines are following in their footsteps!

This goes for other items that contain the batteries too, so check your camera, mobile phone and laptop, before you pack it!

Emirates' Divisional Senior Vice President - Airport Services, Mohammed Mattar said, "“With the upcoming holiday season, we expect many passengers to be carrying gifts for their loved ones including the popular smart balance wheels. We prioritise the safety of our passengers and crew, and regret we will not accept these as part of checked-in baggage or as hand luggage. We urge all our customers to check the full list of restricted items before travelling for safe and undisrupted travels.”