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Emirates can fit how many people on 1 plane now?!

This years Dubai Airshow broke records yet again, and allowed Emirates to show off their brand new A380 plane that has only 2 classes - Business and Economy. This has resulted in Dubai breaking another record in the skies, by having an aircraft that can carries the largest amount of people, totaling to 615 passengers! 

130 more economy seats have been added, after removing the First Class cabins and taking away 18 Business Class seats on the aircraft. In comparison to the normal A380 that has 3 classes, the 2-class plane can fit in 100 more passengers than usual! Economy has 557 seats and only 58 seats in Business - that's nearly as many passengers as a tiny remote village! 

You've probably noticed that the screens in economy have got bigger too! Economy passengers now have a huge 13.3-inch screens to watch the world's best in-flight entertainment system, which has been awarded to Emirates for 11 consecutive years! 

Take a look at more of the photos below: