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Eid is expected to fall on Wednesday

There has been a lot of talk about when Eid Al Fitr will be announced, with many hoping it would fall on Tuesday, to allow a longer Eid break. 

A moon sighting committee will gather together after Maghrib prayers this evening to see if they crescent moon is visible, if it is, Eid will be declared. Howveer many believe that the crescent moon will not be visible until Tuesday evening, meaning Eid will be declared on Wednesday. 

The Chairman of the Arabi Union for Astronomy and Space Science and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of University of Sharjah for Academic Affairs, Dr. Humaid Majol Al Nuaimi, saidThe moon will not be seen today according to the scientific method of calculating the birth of a new moon. This means that we will have 30 days of Ramadan and Wednesday will mark the first day of Eid."

We will have to wait until this evening to see if the speculations are correct, and find out if we have to go to work tomorrow or not!