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Could we have 5 days off this Eid holiday?

As the UAE gets into the full swing of Ramadan, people around the country are already planning what they will be doing for their Eid holidays, which will this year, run parallel with school summer holidays. 

Eid Al Fitr is expected to fall midweek next month, which makes it likely for the UAE's private sector to have a two day holiday starting on Tuesday, through to Wednesday. When this occurs, employees can convert the holiday into a 5-day weekend by using up 1 day from their annual leave on the Thursday. 

The private sector will be allowed to have a 5-day holiday if Eid it is announced by their employer as a 3 day break, with the 2 day weekend afterwards. And just like magic, you've just got 5 days off work! 

This could be shortened if the Hijri calendar lasts 30 days instead of 29 days, if Eid is announced on a Wednesday, the private and public sector will have 4 days off of work, with Wednesday and Thursday being Eid and the weekend following.