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Dubizzle show us that we love fancy cars and number plates!

Other than Google and Facebook, Dubizzle is the most visited site in the UAE. The popularity of this classifieds site is insane, you really can buy, sell and find anything! 

The most popular section of the site is the car, and Dubizzle has done the maths for us!

Dubizzle have worked out the most popular car colour for UAE residents to buy is White, 48,000 people searched for a convertible and the oldest car on the site in the last 6 months was a 1929 Mercedes Benz Classic. Lollipop for the first person who finds that car on Sheikh Zayed Road! 

One of the most expensive things that gets sold on Dubizzle are number plates, and they've told us which number plates and just how much they are worth! Awesome! 

Dubizzle have done the awesome thing and told us what the most expensive cars are to be sold in the last 6 months. The top 3 are all Bugatti's, the top being sold for dh10,500,000... WOW! 

Dubizzle have also done the handy thing of telling us the top 3 resale prices for cars, so if you're planning on selling your Mitsubishi Pajero, well done.

These insane statistics show that 2,132 Toyota's go up for sale every month! in 2nd is a Nissan and then Mercedes-Benz with 1,330 cars up for sale every month. 

The most popular cars UAE residents are searching for are BMWs in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Porsche is a more desirable car to own in Dubai while Abu Dhabi prefers their Mercedes!