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Dubai's postal system has just improved!

Emirates Post Group have created a brand new mail service called "My Home" Allowing Dubai's residents to have their own post box outside their villa!

Residents in Dubai will be allowed to own a P.O Box address, that will be installed outside their home, which will make incoming post easier to receive. Currently, residents with their own P.O Box have to head over to their local Emirates Post office to collect their mail. 

Ebrahim Bin Karam, the Chief Commercial Officer of EPG said in a statement: “This is part of our efforts to deliver mail directly to subscribers’ homes under a pilot project. We are confident that residents of these selected communities will find this service useful and convenient. The MyHome service was introduced in response to the demand for door delivery of mail. It eliminates the need to drive to the post office to collect mail. MyHome brings mail to the subscriber’s doorstep, offering great convenience.”

You can apply for the My Home service by filling in an application form at your local post office, once the application is complete your new post box will be installed within 7 days.