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Dubai's Aladdin City will be ready by 2018!

Dubai has given Aladdin City the green light to begin building by next year, with the aim for the huge project to be complete by 2018! 

Aladdin City will feature 6 towers based on Aladdin and Sinbad from Arabian Nights, the complex will be 4,000 acres, the buildings will be linked together by bridges, fitted with air conditioning and moving walkways. 

The total cost of the project has not yet been revealed, but this will be one of Dubai's mega-structures, so it can't be cheap! 

There will be a hotel inside one of the towers, which will reach heights of 25, 26, and 34 storeys. 

Hussain Nasser Lootah, the Director-General of Dubai Municioality said that the towers at Aladdin City will be “icons of legends of the past with a touch of beauty and tourism characteristic of the city.”