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It rained in the UAE, and the internet went mad!

Any time it rains anywhere in the UAE, we all freak out a little bit. Take a look at how the internet went absolutely mental yesterday! 

It started with pictures of clouds

"I think it's going to rain" pictures started coming through

Then it started spitting

It started clam, we got the standard window pictures of speckles of water on the windscreen..


A photo posted by Vivek Pattanaik (@im_vivek1) on

Then the hail came

We've seen hail before, but not as inland as Abu Dhabi, then people realised this could be worse than normal "Dubai Rain"

And that's when people really started freaking out...

The #DubaiRains started trending in the UAE, and it was literally anything, anyone was talking about. 

People that weren't on the roads were having a right laugh about it all though...

But the people that were on the roads... 

Well, they weren't very happy at all!

Anyone that owned a car wasn't very happy!

Because if you were parked anywhere, your car probably drowned

And then the wind kicked in

Winds in Abu Dhabi hit 130kph! Causing mayhem across the city, but not before people got their phone out to film what was going on, of course! 

 Then the photographers got involved! 

And they got some incredible shots!


A photo posted by Ashesh Arun (@ashesh_arun) on


A photo posted by Hamza Umer Farooqui (@hufarooqui) on


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Then the schools were closed 

In preparation for the rain the following day...