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Dubai Police have said "We Are All Police"

There are so many emotions that go through our mind while we’re on the UAEs roads, especially when someone does something they’re really not meant to do! And it just leaves you thinking… “Did anyone just see that?!”

Well thanks to Dubai Police, the “We Are All Police” initiative has been introduced and allows all drivers around the UAE, to report traffic violations.

Dubai Police’s Deputy Director of General Traffic Department said “If you are pushed off the fast lane, call 8007000 and tell them that I can see a motorist violating the rules, and the police will take action.”

When you plan to report a traffic violation, you must make sure you have noted down their cars number plate.

The new initiative comes after the number of traffic violations increased by 9,915 reports this year. In 2014 38,026 traffic violations were reported, this year it jumped to 47,941 reports.

If you want to be able to report violations, you must first register via Dubai Police’s website, you can then report any incidents by calling either these three numbers: 8007777, 8004353 or 901. Alternatively you can email information about the violation to

The new Dubai Police smart app will all give you the option to report violations. It is recommended that people reporting violations take photographs of what is happening, however if the photo shows you violating traffic laws, you could be the one that ends up in trouble!