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Dubai Metro Commuters get Connected!

As the UAE becomes “Smart” The Dubai Metro is now the next public place to receive free WiFi for its commuters. YAY!

The Dubai Metro has had WiFi previously but at a charge, and with limited access.

But now you can connect your phone to the internet, all you need to do is go through a series of easy steps that will get you browsing in no time!

The WiFi name you will need to connect to is called "Wifi UAE", then you can choose to connect to the free internet or the premium connection.

The premium connection is a faster browser, which gives you the option to pay 20dhs for 6 hours over a 3 day period, or 50dhs for 20 hours over 1 week.

Once you’ve chosen to pay or surf for free, you will be asked to put in your mobile number.

After filling out a registration form, you will get a text message with a PIN code, this code is your password to the web!

And that’s it! You’re connected – Now you won’t have to talk to a single person… Just message them!