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Driverless cars on Dubai's roads by 2020?!

The future is well and truly here, professors working at Abu Dhabi's Masdar Institute of Science and Technology are confident the UAE will be seeing driverless cars on roads by the time Expo 2020 arrived in Dubai. 

Professor Karim Karam has been exploring smart mobility in cities across the UAE. Many companies around the world are working on creating driverless vehicles, with Google already owning some and Apple supposedly creating prototypes. 

Professor Karim Karam spoke to The National: “If Apple is working on it, then you know something is going to happen.” 

Driverless cars in the UAE could reduce car ownership for residents, and cut operating costs for companies. Overall making driverless cars, not only awesome to be in but more friendly to the environment! And, the less cars on the road, the less accidents meaning the less traffic!

“Auto piloting would eliminate the human driving errors caused by fatigue and distraction, which would lessen the risk of accidents,” Professor Karim Karam added