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Don't have the correct permit to sub-let your home? Expect MASSIVE fines!

Last week we explained how sub-letting your house or apartment as a holiday home for short-term use has been passed as legal in Dubai by Dubai Tourism. 

But if you don't have the correct permits to let out your house as a holiday home, you could be faced with some very big fines! 

Dubai Tourism have sent notices to building developers in Dubai, to monitor tenants letting out their houses the notice said: "Your involvement as developers is essential for the ease of implementing the regulation, therefore we would like you to monitor short term rental operations in your developments and put signage in the buildings entrances informing owners that using their properties as holiday homes is not allowed unless they have the required permits."

If you're caught sub-letting your apartment without the correct permits once, you could face a fine of Dh200 to Dh20,000! 

If a tenant is caught letting out their house without the correct permits a second time, they could face fines of up to Dh100,000! And every time the same tenant is caught sub-letting their home again, the fine will be doubled.