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Dirty cars will be impounded in Abu Dhabi

Since the start of the year more than 3000 cars have been abandoned in public areas in Abu Dhabi, 2,668 of these cars have now been impounded.

Abu Dhabi are trying to stop drivers leaving their cars in public areas for long periods of time, as the dusty cars don't make Abu Dhabi look very pretty!

The campaign is all part of the municipality’s plan to improve the appearance of the city, cut back on environmental pollution and promote safety and security.

This is also part of Law number 2 for 2012 for maintaining the public appearance, health and tranquillity of Abu Dhabi.

Cars, trailers, boats and other vehicles that do not abide to the law, will be given a notice of 3 days to clean the car, or they will face a Dh3000 and confiscation.

If owners of the vehicle offend again, the fine will be doubled and daily impounding fees will be applied, the daily price will depend on the type of vehicle, and where the car was confiscated from.  

Make sure you take a look at the car washing laws that have been implemented across the UAE, before you get the hose and bucket out!