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Damac to build a apartment building with car lifts!

Property developers Damac have unveiled a brand new, luxury apartment building next to the Dubai Canal, what will have their very own car lifts. 

The project, named Aykon City, will be build on Sheikh Zayed Road and have 6 towers, taking up 4 million square feet. 

The building will be the very first in Dubai to have a car lift, that will allow you to drive your car into a parking space, and then travel up to the front door of your home.

Aykon City will have hotel apartments, office towers, and two residential buildings that are being described as "ultra-luxury" flats, each of these apartments will have their own car lift. 

Aykon City is expected to be finished as early of the summer of 2021, with construction on the Dh7.5bn project planned to begin shortly.