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#CRY - The new POISONOUS spiders in the UAE!

If, like us, you are scared of spiders... Reading this story will make you want to get in an airtight box and never get out!!

Abu Dhabi residents have been warned that venomous spiders has been spotted within a gated community - after the same breed of spider was found in Emirates Hill, Dubai last week!

They are the Redback spiders and have arrived from Australia in shipping containers - probably containing plants.

Management of the community in Abu Dhabi where the spiders were spotted said the species was very dangerous, making immediate medical attention a necessity if you were ever get bitten.

Good news is nobody has been bitten here in the UAE from the spiders yet. AND they only bite in self defence - so don't try and stroke one.

We have found this cartoon of a redback spider with a smiley face to make it less scary!