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Couple find a snake in their shopping!

Aghhh imagine this happening to you! Worst day ever?!

A Dubai couple went to buy a new bed for their dogs at a DXB pet store - but got wayyyy more than they bargained for when they got home.

The National is reporting that Steve Bradford and his wife Sarah, who live in The Greens in Dubai discovered a royal python snake in their shopping last week!

Steve Bradford said: “We had bought the (dog) beds, popped them in the back of the Jeep and went home"

"When we reached home, my wife pulled the cushion inside and opened the bag that comes with it. She screamed and I thought it might be a spider. But then this huge python came out of it and got on top of the groceries we had placed on the kitchen counter.

“My wife hid in the bedroom with the dogs, and I got two sticks and put the snake in the bath tub. I kept checking on it. It kept getting out of the bath and I had to put it back in!"

The pet shop say that the snake was one of theirs that was for sale - and might have escaped when its cage door was left open by another customer.

“A customer left the cage door open and we didn’t know about it. We were loading and unloading at the shop when it happened. We didn’t know it was gone until we went to feed it in the afternoon.”

Apparently a royal python snake isn't dangerous and is very popular to keep as a pet as it curls itself in a ball when frightened and isn't venemous.