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Could walking and texting leave you with a fine?

Traffic and Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police have urged pedestrians to stay off their phone while taking a stroll!

Abu Dhabi Police have explained that crossing a road while being distracted by something like a phone, is just as dangerous as being distracted whilst driving, and could easily cause an accident.

Chief of the Highways Section at the directorate, Lt Colonel Salah Abdullah Al Hemairi said pedestrians who use their phones while walking are a danger to themselves and road users.

So far there is no fine for walking and texting, though the directorate have begun a campaign educating people through their Instagram page to, teach pedestrians to pay attention to the road, and not their phone.

If all else fails, the UAE should get one of these! 

Do you think they should fine pedestrians for walking and texting, let us know in the comments below!