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4 Common scams happening in the UAE!

During the Christmas season, lots of residents in the UAE are saving up money to buy gifts for loved ones, but Dubai Police are warning residents to be more careful with their money during the festive season. 

1: Scammers links

Dubai Police urge customers to never click links on emails, they could redirect you to a scam. Instead, if it is an email from your bank, type in the link yourself.

2: "You've won a prize!"

For most residence in the UAE, you have at least once received a call claiming you have won a disgusting amount of money.

Instead of just hanging up and carrying on with your day, call 901 give them the number that called you and they can crack down on the scammers! 

3: Fake injury

This is a common scam around the world, a person will claim they are very sick, have a serious, visible wound, and then show you their medical bills that will total up to thousands of Dirhams.

They will claim they can't afford it and then ask you for the money

4: The spit and shift

This is one of the more shocking scams! Abu Dhabi Police have reported that this scam was used to steal Dh10,000 from a man after he took money out of an ATM. The scammer "accidentally" spat on the mans clothes, whilst helping to wipe it off, he stole the money from the mans pocket.

Police in the UAE urge residents to report any suspicious activity while at ATMs.

If you think you've come across a scam, or have been scammed report it to Dubai Police on 901.