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Cheaper Business Class flights could be ours!

Many of us in the UAE fly in and out to visit family, or friends from all over the world.

And no matter where you're heading, if you're sat in that economy class seat, you're dreaming for Business. 

Well now, airlines from around the world are offering a bidding option for Business and First Class seats! 

More than 30 airlines, from around the world have decided to allow the Business Class bidding war, and it seems to be going pretty well! 

It's no surprise that if it is a busy flight, you will end up having to pay a lot of money for that fancy seat.

Though some fliers have said that placing bids can work out 50% cheaper than the original cost! 

One KLM passenger took part in 6 auctions last year and won 3, typically paying Dh6,000 for an international, return flight! 

Interested in the newest bidding trend? Virgin Airlines is testing an auction process through an app called SeatBoost.

The bidding begins at the boarding gate, with bidding beginning at as little as Dh36, depending on the seat. 

If you want to have a go at the new bidding option, it's only available right now on Virgin Airlines flights to Las Vegas!