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Channel 4's, Top 4 stories from the week!

Here are our Top 4 stories of the week gone by...

1: The Smoking ban could be coming to the UAE!

First implemented in America in the 90s, the UK followed suit in 2007 and now it looks like the smoking ban could be coming to the UAE.

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2: Dubai has the world's best shoreline!

Nope, this isn't voted by holiday makers or residents. This survey scientifically proves that Dubai has the best shoreline.

Check out the details here.

3: What we know about the Hyperloop!

Seeing as the Hyperloop gets officially launched at the start of next week, we decided to have a look at everything we know so far!

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4: A look at Channel 4's spooky presenters!

Seeing as it was Halloween last week, we went back in to the presenters archives to find some spooky pictures of them.

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