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By June 1st your Abu Dhabi staycation will be more expensive!

As of June 1st, a new 4% municipality fee will be added to your hotel bill as well as an additional charge of Dh15 per room per night, according to the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport, and Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority. 

Both officials have urged tourist destinations and hotels to separate both fees on every bill, so the fees will be correctly accounted for. But this now means, every time we head off to Abu Dhabi or Al Ain for the weekend, we will have to pay an additional Dh30 if you have 1 room, Dh60, if you have 2 rooms, and so on. 

It may not seems like a lot now, but image if you were a you're a tourist heading to Abu Dhabi for 10 days, that's an added Dh150, as well as the 4% municipality fee, and then don't forget the additional tourism fee! 

But the fees don't mean we're just throwing more money away, the money will go towards improving Abu Dhabi tourism infrastructure, and enhance their services, which means Abu Dhabi could become more of a desired location to visit regardless on the new fees.

Though, it is a bit annoying that we have to pay more, it is still less than most other daily charges around the world... So that's a good thing right?