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13 Times the Burj Khalifa blew your mind!

Living in the UAE, sometimes we take for granted how amazing the Burj Khalifa actually is. Like, it's the worlds tallest building - Take a look at 13 times the Burj Khalifa blew your mind! 

1: When it looks like this

Look at that building.... It's amazing! 

2: When Sheikh Hamdan took a selfie


3: When it does this at night

Even from miles away, you know when the fountains are going off, because the tower is twinkling! 

4: When these guys got to the top


5: When new years comes around 

6: Every

7: Single

8: Year! 

9: When Tom Cruise decided to scale the building

Like, totally normal, no big deal... 

Just running down the world tallest building, vertically... 

Not a big deal... At all! 

10: When Alain Robert climbed to the top

Basically Spiderman, took 6 hours and he legally had to use a rope, when usually he climbs rope-free!

11: When you go up in the lift

It's a roller coaster in itself!

12: When it's foggy

It looks like it's cutting through the world!

13: The window cleaners! 

These guys are heros!