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Big party for Burj Al Arab's 15th Birthday!

It is the iconic building that the world knows IS Dubai! 

Can you believe the Burj Al Arab is 15 years old?!

The Jumeirah Group have said they are “preparing to embark on a year of milestone celebrations” to mark the Burj Al Arab's 15th anniversary!

It officially opened on 1st December 1999 and was the start of Dubai becoming the world wide powerhouse that we live in today!

Gerald Lawless, who is the President and Group CEO of The Jumeirah Group has talked about the iconic buildings of the world's greatest cities "Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and, of course, Burj Al Arab symbolising the great city of Dubai,”

The Burj Al Arab’s 15th birthday celebrations will begin on 1st December, with a fireworks show combined with‎ 3D mapping projection on its famed sail!

Also, if you stay in the hotel during 2015, you can get the ‘Best of the Burj’ package that even includes a Rolls-Royce Phantom picking you up and taking you to the hotel!

Of-course, the hotel helipad is world famous too...