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It's the honest truth, DEWA bills get more expensive during the summertime, because we're using the AC more. But what if villa users stopped watering their gardens and instead, painted their lawns green?


Sounds ridiculous, but it could save you tons of money 

The latest ‘desert hack’ to hit Dubai is one that homeowners with gardens will be delighted to hear about. 

If your DEWA bills are leaving a serious dent in your wallet and you put it down to the cost of keeping your lawn looking fresh and healthy, then this may be a reasonable way around the problem.

Paint it green. Not an eco-friendly rendition of the Rolling Stones’ classic, a new service available in Dubai that can rid gardens of the drought-ridden, yellow look that’s so difficult to tackle during the sizzling summer months. 

If you’re cringing at the thought of choking your lawn with a thick layer of paint, rest assured that the company in question, Green Keeper Middle East, say on their Facebook page that the solution is 100 percent natural and the tint itself is a rich, ‘grass’ green (no mention of it glowing in the dark). 

In fact, this is already a popular garden hack in California and Australia, as the video below displays:

As an extra incentive for you, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) are already urging citizens to cut back on the amount of water they use. 

Let’s face it, it can't be easy for Dubai’s authorities to supply water to the city’s 2.5 million residents. 

It’s no surprise that they’re trying to cut the demand for water by 30 percent by 2030.

Even though spray painting lawns may seem artificial, it's schemes like these that will stop water costs from going up in a city which we often forget is in the middle of the desert.