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Are you getting paid enough? The average UAE salary for 2015 has been revealed

According to a survey by HSBC the average monthly salary of expats in the UAE is Dh38,000, putting working expats in the UAE in a higher income bracket than other countries.

The survey found that the average yearly income for expats in the region reached Dh455,396 a year.

With a monthly income of Dh38,000 this means expats in the UAE get paid Dh6,120 more than the average worker in other countries.

The survey revealed that the UAE is much more generous than other GCC and Mena countries, allowing expats to pay no tax out of their wages.

Other benefits that were highlighter were the additional allowances offered to expats in the UAE. 65% of expat employers receive airfare allowance for yearly trips home. And 55% receiving extra allowance for accommodations.

With the extra allowances, the survey revealed that 65% of people have more disposable income than they would in their home countries, despite the high living costs in the UAE.
HSBCs data proved that the salaries offered to expats in the UAE make up for the expensive cost of living in the region.