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Are 'hoverboards' going to be banned?

Police in the United Kingdom have said in the past 24 hours that the 2-wheel balance boards are to be banned from being ridden in public.

The British police say they are too dangerous to ride on pavements and walkways, but not safe enough to be on roads and therefore must only be used on private property!

Is the UAE to follow and put this rule in place?

This is looking likely as Abu Dhabi Police has called upon parents to ensure children use 'hover boards', known locally as balance wheels, only in designated areas.

The instruction comes after an incident where a child on a hover board was run over by a vehicle.

Colonel Jamal Salem Al Ameri of the Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrols Directorate has said “[parents] are apparently not telling them not to play on roads as it could be dangerous,”

“These are very dangerous as the children could be run over by cars and they could also create traffic confusion. Parents should not let their children play on roads with these dangerous tools and choose safe places for their amusement.”