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App that lets us fine drivers on Dubai's roads!

Almost 4,000 traffic violations have been issued since Dubai Police’s new “We Are All Police” program began.

The new initiative allows residents on the road to report violations to the police, via an app that you can send photos or video into.

The new service can however get you into a bit of trouble, if you’re not careful! If you send in a video or a photo of a traffic violations, but can noticeably be seen driving yourself, you too could be left with a fine.

So far because of this, most violations that have been send in to the service have been vehicles parked illegally, obstructing traffic and drivers parking in disabled spots.

Back in 2001 drivers on the UAE’s roads were allowed to report traffic offences by calling a toll free number, this was the beginning of “We Are All Police” Now Dubai Police have updated the service to allow people to send photos and videos through the app.