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An outdoor ice rink is to be built in Dubai!

Dubai plan to be the only desert in the world to have it's very own New York style outdoor ice rink! And no, it's not going to be placed inside a temperature controlled dome, or anything like that. It will actually be OUTSIDE! 

How will they be able to perform such a task? Because there is a brand new plastic in it's final stages of creation that will act as a replica to ice! Managing Director of Damac Properties, Ziad El Chaar said in an interview at Dubai Construction Week: "It is an outdoor ice rink made of materials that are exactly treated as though they were ice. This will be ready in three years’ time."

Which means, Damac, who are the guys behind the Akoya development will be creating an outdoor ice rink for us all to skate on! And where will it be? At Akoya obviously!