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Abandoned cars are getting towed away.. Finally!

Nakheel has begun to tow away all abandoned vehicles in International City, to free up parking spaces in the area.

The cars have been taking up residential spaces that have been given to people living in the area, leaving residents having to park illegally, ultimately resulting in them receiving thousands of dirhams worth of fines.

Abandoned vehicles are easy to spot if you think there is one using up a space in your area. The cars usually have a missing side mirror, flat tyres or broken headlights, alternatively you can check if the number plate is out of date, if the car has a number plate at all.

The cars will begin to gather dust, and will not be moved for days at a time.

A spokesperson for Nakheel said “We continue to work towards enhancing the community by implementing new measures for overcoming these challenges. We have removed around 180 abandoned vehicles so far, and this activity will continue.”