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A mall in Deira is going to be bigger than Dubai Mall?!

Nakheel's chairman has announced that the shopping mall on the Deira Islands development, will be the largest gross leasable retailer in Dubai. Which means the Dubai Mall will not be the world's biggest mall anymore! 

Deira Islands Mall will technically (and we say technically, because it is all very wordy!) be the world's largest mall, but gross leasable area. What is gross leasable area, we hear you ask? It's the number of shops that the mall will rent out for retailers. 

And that is why Deira Islands mall will take the top spot, not because of it's size, but because of it's rentable retail space. To compare, Dubai Mall has 3.77 million sqft of rentable retail space, Deira Island Mall will have 4 million sqft! 

The Deira Islands Mall on Deira Islands, is expected to be complete by 2020!