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A list of rules will soon be released about Hoverboards!

Hoverboard users will soon have to refer to strict guidelines while they are being used, after the first life was claimed by one in the UAE. 

Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council and Assistant Comander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin said that all owners of these boards will take full responsibility in the event of a accident, and they will not be classed as a road accident. 

Other rules in the new guidelines include users being prosecuted if found riding the boards on roads. 

The balance boards will be given designated areas, that will allow riders to use them without putting themselves or anyone else at risk.

The full list of rules will be released by next week, after a death occurred this week due to the balance boards. 

The ban on hoverboards has become a topic of conversation, after laws in the UAE state that bicycles are not allowed to go over speeds of 60kph. Creating the question as to why balance boards have not already been banned.

In the past recreational bike riders have cause issues in the UAE, though guidelines and regulations were released for these too; allowing them to only ride in designated areas, be banned from paved roads and licenses were issued for riding them on roads. 

After the rules were released for bike users, the issued subsided... All we hope is that we can say the same for hoverboard riders!