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5 things petrol is now cheaper than in the UAE!

From February 1st petrol prices plummeted again, marking the 6th drop in 6 months since the deregulation of fuel prices began.

The price per litre for Special is Dh1.47, and the price for Super is Dh1.58, take a look at some of the things petrol is now cheaper than in the UAE!

1: Water!

A bottle of 1.5L Evian is Dh7.75! A litre of petrol is only costing us Dh1.47 to Dh1.58! How crazy is that! 

2: A litre of milk! 

1 litre of Al Safi UHT Low Fat Milk will set you back, Dh5.75. That's will get you just shy 5 litres of petrol! 

3: Bananas! 

A kilo of bananas will set you back Dh4.75!

4: Can of Coca-Cola

A can of coke costs Dh1.50, so if you're using Special petrol. It's cheaper for a litre of petrol than a 55ml can of coke!

5: Chocolate! 

A bar of Dairy Milk will cost you Dh3.25! But what would you prefer? A full tank in your car or lots and lots of chocolate?!

If petrol prices continue to fall, we could soon have pretrol for FREE in the UAE! - We wish!