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5 reasons why the new Maxus Van is amazing!

Helen and Kolter will be at the Dubai Motor Festival this week at the Maxus stand, to introduce the range of vans to the UAE. We've done some digging and found out why the new Maxus G10 van is the coolest van you will ever see! 

1: Dual-zone auto climate control

The car is able to seat up to 10 people, while at the same time keeping everyone comfortable!

2: Keyless ignition

Push to start is the future, and this van has it!!

3: Keyless entry

Keep your keys in your pocket or your bag forever, you will never have to get them back out!

4: The moon roof!

With all the kids in the back driving in the dark, all you have to do is look up and see the stars from the moon roof!

5: The DVD player!

Watch whatever you want on your 7inch TV inside the car, so your road trips won’t feel so long! 

Don't believe how cool this van actually is? Watch this snazzy advert!