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44 reasons to be thankful for the UAE

The UAE is an amazing place, and we can't help but be thankful for living here. And for the UAE's 44th National Day, we've decided to list them all down, until we couldn't think of anymore!! 

1: The weather

Obviously, sunny all year round! Peerrrrfection! 

2: The number of cultures you experience

You meet so many, no matter where you go!

3: It's so safe! 

There's no need to cling on to your bag! 

4: The views

That's an obvious one!

5: No taxes! 

Why do you think we all moved here?! 

6: The traffic... 

Okay, come on. It's not THAT bad! 

7: The public transport! 

Okay it is pretty bad, thanks Dubai Metro! 

8: The Malls 

We have the worlds largest... We're so thankful for them! 

9: The police

They keep us safe, and we love that!

10: The police cars! 

They're the coolest in the world! 

11: The price of petrol!

Again, another reason why we all moved here! 

12: The lifestyle

You'll never been able to find anything quite like Barasti!

13: You meet people from all over the world

From places you may have never heard of before too!

14: It's never boring

There's always something going on!

15: There are so many opportunities 

There's no other place you can climb up the ladder of success (Cheesy!)

16: It feels like home! 

No matter how short your time is here

17: Taxis

You get us from A to B if we don't have a car! We love you! 

18: It's a hotspot! 

Everyone wants to come to the UAE! 

19: We can choose the weather! 

Ski Dubai or beach... We decide! 

20: It's so clean! 

Like... Almost shiny!

21: And pretty! 


22: We can be a tourist for the day if we want to! 

*Click* "I've lived here so many years, and I still take a cheeky photo of the Burj!"


This was an obvious one! 

24: McDelivery! 

You know you love it. 

25: Everyone is generous 

If you car breaks down, we guarantee at least one person will stop and see if you need help!

26: You can be on top of the world for breakfast

World's tallest building...

27: And be under the sea for dinner! 

Under water restaurant!

28: The Cheesecake Factory! 

That Red Velvet thoooooo! 

29: The music scene

So many up and coming artists

30: Daiso

Because who doesn't need a banana holder?!

31: Karama

We love our Lewie Vouttons! 

32: Instagram perfect! 


33: Ladies night! 

Where else do you get a ladies night, every night of the week?!

34: The night life in general! 

It's incredible! 

35: The beach! 

Go out there on Christmas Day, and you'll still get a tan!

36: It's in the middle of the world! 

A flight to somewhere else is never too far away! 

37: The desert

Because who doesn't love dune bashing! 

38: The restaurants 

Famous restaurants from around the world, to little hipster cafes you've randomly found! 

39: The cars! 

Everyone can get their dream car in the UAE!

40: The buildings! 

We break records!

41: The schools

Some of the best in the world! 

42: The Rugby 7s! 

It's like a little community in itself! 

43: The events

There is one on every single day!

44: The Icons

We're looking at you Huda! The ladies LOVE you! 

Got more?! Add them to the comments below!