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44,000 people were caught speeding in the rain!

Last week during the UAE's epic rainstorm, almost 44,500 speeding fines were issued! That's more than 30,000 more than the average 14,000 offences a day! 

It has been estimated by Dubai Police that the same time last year, only 5,500 speeding offences were recorded, making authorities believe the reason for more violations was to make up for lost time because of the traffic jams. 

Speaking to Emarat Alyoum, Dubai's acting traffic police chief, Colonel Jamal Al Banai said: “This big increase in speed offences is because some reckless drivers drove at higher speed to make up for lost time due to traffic jams caused by the rain. This behavior is a characteristic of a small number of drivers during bad weather although they are supposed to behave wisely and quietly during such conditions.”