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427 decorated cars impounded after National Day!

Over the National Day weekend over 400 cars were impounded across the UAE for breaking traffic laws and the National Day decorations rules. 

All the drivers had their cars impounded, recieved a Dh1,000 fine, and 12 black points! 

The majority of cars that were impounded were in Abu Dhabi with a total of 297, while 87 cars were impounded in Al Ain and 43 in the Western Region. 

249 of the 427 vehicles were impounded due to causing noise and disturbance. The rest of the cars were impounded for reckless driving, overloading light vehicles, using spray cans, leaning out of windows, altering vehicles and exaggerated paintings. 

Abu Dhabi Police have reminded drivers that they will continue to fine drivers with National Day decorations on them, after the decoration period ended (Dec 3rd)